Ode to Saint Petersburg

Snowy landscape with a statue of Peter the Great, the first Russian Emperor, covered by snow.
My photo of St. Isaac Cathedral and The Bronze Horseman (Peter the Great’s Statue), 2017.
The Spire of the Admiralty Building with an angel on top is visible, while the building itself is blocked by the snow-coated trees.
My photo of The Admiralty, 2017
The facade of the Winter Palace, framed by icy branches of trees.
My photo of the Winter Palace, 2017
Roses blooming in the Peterhof Gardens, surrounded by greenery.
My photo of The Peterhof Palace Gardens, 2020
Saint Petersburg - the city of the Dead,
Where dreaming spirits haunt the mist-cloaked streets.
A diadem of rubies crowns your head,
And silver armour lines your mighty fleet.

Let myriads of angels guard your spires
Against the pain and suffering of war:
Rejoice, the bygone northernmost empire,
Built on deception, cruelty, and gore!

The Winter Palace flaunts its azure gown -
A ballerina on the frozen lake,
Whose beauty flares, as if about to drown
Beneath the burden of her last mistake.

May a luxuriant, wild garden grow
Where once was land of misery and snow.

13 thoughts on “Ode to Saint Petersburg

  1. Veronica…. WOW. This is chilling, thrilling, brutiful and enchanting. The images add greatly to it all, the fact that they are your own works of art, even more wonderful. You weave a spell of hope around a sense of doom, like a sleeping swan-laked beauty praying for a thriving garden for all to enjoy, rather than just the kiss of a groom.


  2. The history of st Petersburg is visible in your verse that resurrects the ethereal ambiance of the city that has seen life and death, beauty and beast of human nature throughout the centuries. It was once called Leningrad in honor of Lenin, but I am glad it got its original name back. ”The Winter Palace flaunts its azure gown –
    A ballerina on the frozen lake,
    Whose beauty flares, as if about to drown
    Beneath the burden of her last mistake” beautifully sums up the profound moment of the great city’s everlasting beauty represented by a delicate figure of a ballerina. Impressive, Veronica. ⭐️🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Cheryl,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I love Saint Petersburg, and it is a pleasure to hear you enjoyed my words and pictures. I invite you to come there one day – I could show you so many beautiful places!

      Have a lovely day. ~ ♥️

      With gratitude,

      Liked by 1 person

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