The Azure Acrostic

Songs of the Siren by Victor Nizovtsev. This painting depicts a nude mermaid with ginger hair, sitting on the rose-covered shore and glancing into the distance. It is night-time, and spheric lanterns are floating on water, like exotic flowers.
Songs of the Siren by Victor Nizovtsev
Angel by Victor Nizovtsev. In this oil painting, an angel with golden wings is dreamily watching the clouds at sunset.
Angel by Victor Nizovtsev
Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev. This is a portrait of a red-haired girl. Only her bare back is visible to the viewers, as she is looking away into the dark. A garland of roses is woven into her wavy hair.
Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev
My dreams feel like drowning -
Your absence still haunts me...

Dive deeper, my darling!
Enchanted, yet free,
All heavenly angels
Remember their lovers

Emerging, like ambers,
Mesmerized by the sea,
My tears catch fire -
Are you thinking of me?

32 thoughts on “The Azure Acrostic

  1. You have composed a beautiful poem, Veronica. The picture of the mermaid is beautiful also (as described by you). Its fascinating how Homer’s sirens have become interwoven into art. Kind regards, Kevin

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    1. I’m so happy you like both my poem and description of the paintings, Kevin! The artist is very talented – he was born in Russia but lives in the U.S. now.
      The mysterious creatures abiding beneath the ocean’s surface have always enraptured me, as well as other marvels in Homer’s Odyssey! Best wishes, Veronica.

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