A reading of my poem “The Night”

Dear readers, I hope you will enjoy this multimedia presentation of my literary work! The video features a recording of my poem, accompanied by picturesque views of Canadian nature and urban life, which I captured throughout my studies in this beautiful country.

15 thoughts on “A reading of my poem “The Night”

      1. I’m very happy that my recordings inspired you to record some of your own poetry, Veronica, and thank you for your kind words concerning my own readings. I hope that you record more of your work. Best wishes, Kevin

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    1. Thank you for the high praise.☺️
      It is immensely pleasing to see that my hard work paid off! However, there’s always room for improvement, and I hope to refine my video editing skills along the way. 💙

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  1. Your visual poem is very creative and atmospheric, Veronica. I especially like the duck in slow-motion fluttering its wings in the lake alone and the beautiful kite flying in the sky. Your video fancifully delivers the atmosphere of your poetic kingdom in the background of nature, which is a feast to the eyes. Mesmerizing! The poem is like an invitation to the Middle Kingdom where Titania and Oberon rule.

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    1. Thank you for this imaginative and thoughtful comment, Stephanie; it made my day! ☺️

      I am so happy that you’ve pointed out the bird & the kite – both of them are symbols of freedom, which is the poem’s central topic!

      ”Poetic kingdom” – what an extremely flattering way to describe my humble work! As Shakespeare has inspired many of my poems, your allusion to ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is especially pleasing.

      It is an immense joy to have such a perceptive audience!🌹

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  2. Beautifully created and presented Veronica. So grateful for your incredible, intelligent perspective. You will achieve great things 🙏🏻

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