We will meet… In a Thousand Years

You will not see these tender verses,
The message from my fragile hand.
We’re farther than the universes,
Though closer than the grains of sand.
Your trace 
                   is vanishing
The words, 
                    The moments,
                                              Nights and days.
You. Are. Not. Here. Anymore.
Towards infinity you soar,
And to the stars say “I adore…”
Not me,
Not me,
Not me,
Not me –
You have no place on Earth to be!
And when the world comes to an end,
Through time and space I’ll hold your hand.
Oh, but you won’t remember me!
In dreams, if dreams there ever be, 
You will unknowingly repeat
That in a thousand years…
                                               We’ll meet.
A silly overwhelming lie!
How dare you keep me up at night?
Oh, how can I this voice forget?
I wish I could, without regret,
Leave all the memories behind…
“Be gone! Come back to me!” – I cried.
“Forever, I will be with you!” –
Alas, these words cannot be true.
You’ve told me, holding back the tears:
“We will meet…
                           In a thousand years.”
I will be here! I will abide –
Your answer in my heart will hide.
Let recollections disappear,
For neither time nor death I fear.
And when the somber glow is near,
Your answer I’ll repeat, my dear:
“We will meet…
                           In a thousand years.”

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