Back to the 1920s

Amidst the variegated crowd,
The laughter, and champagne,
She felt a soft subconscious doubt –
The era now has changed!

What was forgotten long ago,
Lived on before her eyes;
Jazz bands and flappers here – galore,
A golden paradise.

The London mist felt just as cold,
The moon was just as bright,
But skies seemed to light up with gold,
And tender was the night.

Short hair, silk dress, and long cigar
Now has our heroine;
What she admired from afar,
Observing from within.

All seems surreal – a fairy tale,
A dream within a dream.
“Am I confused? Am I insane?
What does this chaos mean?”

No answer yet: mere whisperings,
The laughter, and champagne,
For only stars do know these things,
And they cannot be named.

5 thoughts on “Back to the 1920s

    1. Thank you so much for this impeccable recommendation, Pete!
      I have just found out that Machado composed an elegy “The Crime Was in Granada” for another great Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca, so I can already feel a deep connection to his works.

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