The Mystery of Nature

Believe, each day is full of mysteries,
And even when the sky seems blue and bright,
The shadows cast by giant maple trees
Evoke the visions of the cryptic night.

One doesn’t notice pearls of morning dew,
Pierced ruthlessly by subtle verdant blades;
And nature’s beauty may give us a clue
To when the brilliance of this moment fades.

The roses murmur secrets in the dark,
While nightingales sing them serenades,
And whispering of ghosts until the lark
Upon the gloomy, dreaming world cascades.

The night and day, the stars, and leaves of grass
All have their magic, which one can’t describe,
And even though wildflowers seldom last,
As long as beauty lives, they’ll here abide.

6 thoughts on “The Mystery of Nature

      1. You are Definitely a poet already! You have a gift for condensing atmospheres and feelings into images and situations. Really lovely.

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  1. I love your work dear Veronica. A wonderful poem shared. I believe we are closer to nature than we believe. I like reading your work, make my mind come alive and need to write.

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