Огненный Сонет

This digital painting depicts a woman-artist, holding a round mirror in one hand and a palette with two brushes in the other. The young lady reflecting in the mirror, her model, is smiling at the painter lovingly.
“Portrait de la jeune fille en feu” ~ Василиса Семилетова

Это стихотворение посвящено фильму “Портрет Девушки в Огне”. Изысканную цифровую иллюстрацию для сонета создала моя дорогая подруга, талантливая юная художница Василиса Семилетова. Вы можете увидеть её шедевры здесь:  https://vk.com/elopeople, и не стесняйтесь следить за её  Instagram!

Любимую пишу я краской нежной
На тёплом и сияющем холсте.
Передо мной - до кости белоснежной
Обнажена душа в живом огне…

"Вы видите меня - кого я вижу?" -
Воспламеняет тишину вопрос.
"Воспоминанья сожалений выше:
Портрет в уборе золотом готов!"

Проходят годы - сердце замирает,
Её улыбку вспомнив невзначай;
Я обернулась, словно признавая,
Что навсегда мы говорим "Прощай!"

Увы, не встретив взгляд желанных глаз,
Я видела её в последний раз.

A reading of my poem “The Storm”

Dear Reader, I invite you to embark on a perilous journey across the Atlantic. This multimedia project featuring visuals of a tempestuous ocean was inspired by Vivaldi’s masterpiece – Presto from “Summer” (The Four Seasons).
It's Sunset. All the sea is covered by a lunar mist,
Although the distant land seems near.
The clouds thicken, as the salty dunes embrace and twist - 
Caressingly, away they steer.

Let the audacious wind disturb the airy sail: 
We have no fear of storms and saints, 
Between the hidden rocks manoeuvring without fail, 
Forgetting our old complaints.

The thunder rumbles ruthlessly and sways the sturdy deck -
A portent of misfortune grim.
The lightning's arrow left an incandescent track:
Don't take this darkness for a dream!

Encompassed by the icebound gloom and shreds of silver foam, 
Which soars to the stars, like smoke, 
We enter murky caves - where myriads of luring sirens roam: 
Beware of their mellifluous talk!

Alas, the only beacon of a fragile hope had sunk, 
These waters will be our demise!
The wild forget-me-nots entwine my burning lungs: 
"In time, life sheds its thin disguise."

The Night. With their amber eyes, the fervent harpies gaze, 
Awaiting the horrendous end.
Hold on! Amidst the chaos, we'll mount the towering waves: 
Embracing firmly, hand in hand.

Above the broken mast, a thunderbird is cawing briskly:
"Take off! It's time to spread your wings!"
Our life has flashed before our eyes, the moments - meagre, beastly - 
How evanescently they gleam!

Look, now the brutal current swirls, deluging our vessel: 
The helm is captured by the tide!
Don't cry, my dear, you're not alone, for we are still together - 
Love will eclipse the ninth wave's height.

Although the rampant ocean unfurled its grim abyss, 
We won't disperse without a trace: 
The wreckage of our troubled souls the water shall release 
Into the long-forgotten bays.

Transfigured by the tempest's rage, we swim to terra firma, 
Untarnished by the years forlorn.
As though the sleeping wanderers, awakened by a murmur, 
Our eyes behold the sun. It's Dawn!

“Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems” – a Guest Post by Kevin Morris

I am profoundly delighted that my kind friend, Kevin Morris, whose imaginative poetry inspires me with its wittiness and creativity, has composed a guest post for my site. Please, do not hesitate to follow his excellent blog: K Morris – Poet

My sincere thanks to Veronica for her kindness in allowing me to write a guest post for The Waves of Poetry. I am an admirer of Veronica’s work, and I’m delighted to be hosted on her excellent blog.  

In August 2019, I published my “Selected Poems,” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WW8WXPP/

“The Selected Poems of K Morris” comprises a selection of poems composed by me between 2013-2019, most of which deal with serious matters of life, the passage of time and nature. 

In contrast, my soon to be released collection, “Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems” does, as the title suggests, contain both serious and humorous verses. 

Continue reading ““Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems” – a Guest Post by Kevin Morris”

The Serpent’s Sonnet

Lilith and Eve by Yuri Klapouh. In this Painting, Lilith, a feathery-winged Serpent with an upper body of a very  attractive woman, seduces Eve with an apple in the garden of Eden.
Lilith and Eve by Yuri Klapouh
Cupid and Psyche by Kinuko Y Craft. This picture portrays a curly-haired woman in a flowing dress, desperately clasping her arms around a semi-transparent vision of an angel. The angel gestures her to go away, as he ascends into Heaven. There are cupids and clouds in the background.
Cupid and Psyche by Kinuko Y Craft
Spleen et Idéal by Carlos Schwabe.  This painting was based on the book by Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal (Flowers of Evil). "Spleen" is depicted as a female demon  embracing the "Ideal" portrayed as a male angel, who is trying to break free from the embrace. Both of them are half-covered by a gigantic wave.
Spleen et Idéal by Carlos Schwabe
I wish I could find solace in your eyes,
Where shadows lurk beneath the diamond glow.
Although our paths have parted long ago,
Your arms remain the gates of Paradise! 

My sinful soul must pay a fatal price
To enter Eden, as it did before:
The Seraphim avert when I deplore,
For neither words, nor prayers will suffice.

Although your image pierces like a knife,
My heart will mend itself with threads of tears - 
Abide in memory, remorseless Saint!
Through death, the Phoenix gains eternal life,
Thus, I forsake the futile earthly fears,
Awaiting for my agony to end…

The Waterfall of Memories

Your whisper haunts me through the night and in the light of day -
The waterfall of memories devours its breathless prey.

Beware! The languid turquoise guise seems utterly serene,
Yet thousands fell to their demise in this alluring stream.

Mnemosyne, a patron saint of the undying past,
Bathe me in your sweet revelry and turn my soul to dust!

If it were now to die - I would - for nothing will exceed
The water's luscious lullaby - intoxicating, deep…

A single thought is all it takes to silently succumb:
When a forgotten love awakes, the consciousness goes numb.

You are the gravity, which tempts, desiring my downfall -
Although the sombre heart repents, it answers your wild call.

I have become the waterfall, my tenderness cascades
Upon your lips - the memory of passion never fades!
This photo depicts a seagull flying over Niagara Falls with stormy clouds above
A photograph of Niagara Falls taken by me in the summer

The Azure Acrostic

Songs of the Siren by Victor Nizovtsev. This painting depicts a nude mermaid with ginger hair, sitting on the rose-covered shore and glancing into the distance. It is night-time, and spheric lanterns are floating on water, like exotic flowers.
Songs of the Siren by Victor Nizovtsev
Angel by Victor Nizovtsev. In this oil painting, an angel with golden wings is dreamily watching the clouds at sunset.
Angel by Victor Nizovtsev
Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev. This is a portrait of a red-haired girl. Only her bare back is visible to the viewers, as she is looking away into the dark. A garland of roses is woven into her wavy hair.
Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev
My dreams feel like drowning -
Your absence still haunts me...

Dive deeper, my darling!
Enchanted, yet free,
All heavenly angels
Remember their lovers

Emerging, like ambers,
Mesmerized by the sea,
My tears catch fire -
Are you thinking of me?

“And the poem, I think, is only your voice speaking.” ― Virginia Woolf, “The Waves” – a Guest Post by Veronica Sizova

A great poet, Kevin Morris, has kindly featured my article on his website. Please, don’t hesitate to give Kevin a follow and enjoy the exquisite poetry – his witty verses never fail to brighten my day!

K Morris - Poet

“And the poem, I think, is only your voice speaking.”

― Virginia Woolf, “The Waves”

I was delighted when Veronica did me the honour of accepting my invitation to appear on my website, as I am a huge fan of Veronica’s writing.

Veronica SizovaVeronica Sizova

It is a pleasure to meet you, lovely readers of K. Morris! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kevin. It is a great honour to be featured on the blog of such an excellent poet! His creative writing is an infinite source of inspiration and a beam of positivity in these uncertain times.

My name is Veronica Sizova, and today I am going to tell you how an eighteen-year-old girl has found her destiny in literature.

As soon as I’ve learned to read, the dream of becoming a writer encompassed my naive imagination. When I’ve opened a book of poetry for the…

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The Sweetness of Being Apart

The Sea Birds by Henry Ryland
This painting pictures two women on a terrace in Ancient Greece. One of them is lying, holding a flower, the other is sitting on the floor with a vase before her. They are gazing off into the distance, looking at the seagulls flying above the ocean.
The text in the picture:
When birds depart from native shores,
Too many fly astray:
This forlorn life the soul abhors -
My love was swept away!
The Sea Birds by Henry Ryland
Rose Garlands by Henry Ryland. This painting shows two Ancient Greek women making garlands from rose flowers. They are sitting serenely, surrounded by doves.
Rose Garlands by Henry Ryland
The Captive's Return by Henry Ryland. This is a portrait of a seated woman in a free-flowing Greek dress looking tenderly at a little bird perched on her finger.
The Captive’s Return by Henry Ryland
The Love Story by Henry Ryland.
This artwork depicts two Ancient Greek women, a blonde and a brunette, chatting on a marble terrace overlooking the sea.
The Love Story by Henry Ryland

When birds depart from native shores,
Too many fly astray:
This forlorn life the soul abhors -
My love was swept away!

Across the oceans - raging, deep,
I send a warm embrace:
The longing - harsh and bittersweet -
Sets parted hearts ablaze!

Soar higher, soft-voiced nightingale -
Your songs light up the night:
Pure sorrow carried by the gale
Transcends a swift delight!

The separation draws us near,
And turns into fine art:
There is a certain sweetness, dear,
In being far apart!

Космическая Вилланель

*Click here to read the English version*

Mars, The God of War by VINCENT DI FATE. Acrylics/Digital painting, which depicts a giant in full Trojan armour. In the background, there is a burning city.  The citizens are trying to escape from fire and laser rays.
Mars, The God of War by VINCENT DI FATE
Star One by VINCENT DI FATE. In this painting, a giant UFO flying above Earth is pulling in an entire city with an immense ray of light.
All One Universe (1995) by VINCENT DI FATE
In this picture, a spaceship is flying near Saturn, coming close to an unknown planet. There are hundreds of stars and galaxies in the background.
All One Universe (1995) by VINCENT DI FATE
The Demu Trilogy by VINCENT DI FATE
This digital painting captures a spaceship approaching a high tower on a planet similar to Earth.  There are gigantic mountains and trees on the surface.
The Demu Trilogy by VINCENT DI FATE
Starswarm by VINCENT DI FATE
This picture shows a large alien squid fighting a submarine in the stormy ocean. In the background, a beautiful castle is mounted on a cliff.
Starswarm by VINCENT DI FATE
World of Tomorrow by VINCENT DI FATE
This picture is divided into halves to show contrast between the past and the future. On the left, there is an industrial city with factories exuding clouds of smoke.  A man with a gas mask is leaving the city with a futuristic rifle in his hands. On the right, a green landscape with fields, mountains, and fresh air is depicted. A handsome blonde man dressed in a white shirt is standing by the tree with a sickle in his hand.
World of Tomorrow by VINCENT DI FATE

Последний вздох отдам за миг прощания -
Ведь утешения нам не найти в мечтах:
Нет боли тяжелее расставания!

Меж блеска звёзд и млечного сияния,
В калейдоскопе лет земной забуду страх: 
Последний вздох отдам за миг прощания.

Я помню горечь первого признания,
И взгляд отчаянный, и дрожь в твоих руках - 
Нет боли тяжелее расставания!

Тоски невыносимы истязания:
Ты мне являешься - не наяву, во снах. 
Последний вздох отдам за миг прощания...

Но с каждым днём сильней воспоминания
Пронзают сердце, заточённое в веках:
Нет боли тяжелее расставания!

Любимая, прочти мои послания
О неизведанных космических краях:
Последний вздох отдам за миг прощания -
Нет боли тяжелее расставания!