The Dawn of Eternal Winter by Veronika Sizova

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The Dawn of Eternal Winter by Veronika Sizova. The book cover shows Saint Isaac's Cathedral at dawn and a young woman in a burgundy cloak amid the winter scenery.
The Dawn of Eternal Winter by Veronika Sizova

Dear followers, I have returned with an exciting project—Life Rattle Press has published my debut novel about a young woman escaping the Russian Empire.

Book Summary:

Saint Petersburg, 1905. Amid civil unrest, Margarita boards the train to Paris, escaping the claws of the Russian Empire’s ruthless regime. At war with its neighbours, her homeland collapses, leaving millions of broken lives in its wake. Recounting her past to the woman who saved her, Rita takes the readers to the icy gates of Siberia, the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

The Dawn of Eternal Winter is the debut novel by a Russian-Canadian writer, Veronika Sizova. A daring psychological thriller with romance, fantasy, and suspense, this text synthesizes past and present, beauty and terror, insurgence and war. Set in a fictionalized version of pre-revolutionary Saint Petersburg, this tale of loss, grief, and betrayal becomes a window into the cold authoritarian world where love and freedom are against the law, but the fire of hope burns.

P.S. If you love LGBTQ+ historical fiction, you won’t be disappointed!

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I hope you enjoy reading my novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I am sending you many thanks for continuing your journey with The Waves of Poetry.

My Translation of Marina Tsvetaeva’s Cycle “Girlfriend” – Part 8

This is an art deco painting of a pale young woman with short red hair in a light summer dress. She  is resting on the terrace at midnight with her head turned to the full moon shining over the sea in the distance. She seem melancholy and serene at the same time.
Illustration: Rêverie au clair de lune by René Balades (French, 20th century)
My Translation:
Midnight—over the coffee grounds
She cries, looking toward the East.
Her mouth is innocent and unbound,
Half—a flower, and half—a beast.

Soon a crescent—young and slender—
Shall replace the scarlet dawn 
All my combs I will surrender,
All my rings - to you alone!

Waxing moon between the branches
Did not shelter anyone.
I will give you all my bracelets,
All my chains - to you alone!

As though under a heavy mane
Your luminous pupils shine!
Are your comrades jealous in vain? -
The full-blooded horses stay light!

(December 6, 1914)
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