An Acrostic Sonnet to My Readers

This painting portrays a young woman standing by the sea in a light flowing dress. She is bending her head to observe a shiny pearl in her hand.
“The Sea Hath its Pearls” by William Henry Margetson
This impressionistic artwork depicts the back of the woman, with her head resting on her hand. She is looking at the summer scenery and the vast blue sky above her.
“Longing” by Heinrich Vogler
To all of you, entranced by subtle verse,
Here lies a gift concealed between the lines -
As though a scintillating pearl, enclosed
Naively by the effervescent rhymes.
Kindling above the fervent windswept waves,
Your gentle words transcend the leaden clouds!
Ornate, like scarlet flames, the heartfelt praise,
Unvanquished, burns away my puerile doubts.
So I remain a prisoner, alone
Ordained to dwell in the Siberian steppe -
May there be solace - when the warmth is gone,
Upon your eyes, rains softly my regret.
Creating threads of poetry at night,
How blessed I am to have your vibrant light!

28 thoughts on “An Acrostic Sonnet to My Readers

  1. What a scintillatingly creative way of verse, Veronica! I love the idea of your appreciation of readership in acrostic verse that spells out, “Thank you so much.” Ben Jonson was also good at acrostic verse. “So I remain a prisoner, alone/ Ordained to dwell in the Siberian steppe” strikes the mood of anyone who tries to find meaning in life but doesn’t know where and when to find it. Or if she or he can find it is a neverending dilemma. It’s superb! Really love it. As always, you have produced a jewel of words, Veronica 🙂

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    1. Dearest, I am always looking forward to your extraordinarily perceptive comments!

      My heart stores boundless affection for all the earnest readers, and it is sheer bliss to know our feelings are mutual. 😉 Jonson loved indulging in acrostics, it’s true! As for the meaning of life – to find it, one must embark on a daunting journey, leaving the freezing steppes behind. Nevertheless, change is often painful, and many choose to remain in place, eventually growing numb and cold…

      Your poetic approval means the world to me. Thank you for being a shining beacon of my sleepless nights, Stephanie!❤️

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      1. My Pleasure, Veronica 🙂 Yes, change is always paintful and daunting. Still one must go thru it like a caterpilla transforming mulberry leaves into silk. The atmosphere of the your acoustic poem captures the existential moment of life that questions the creative and experiential values. Profoundly inspiring! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, dearest Nick! I feel humbled. Your exquisite works are boundless sources of inspiration, as well! I still can’t believe such a fascinating poet follows my blog. ☺️🌟🕊


  2. “As though a scintillating pearl, enclosed
    Naively by the effervescent rhymes.”

    Veronica, I love how you do this! It feels a bit cheeky even in its utterly beautiful romanticism. And with a lot of joy woven through, including through the Thank You…! The leaden clouds, got my attention too. 👌☁︎ Lovely juxtaposition, dahlin’! I feel so grateful to know you here, and your work brings harmony, longing, and cheer. 🎶🎶💛🤗✨

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    1. Oh, yes, Lia! I’m so glad you’ve penetrated the veil of romanticism and pointed out my playful symbolism – the ”pearl” and ”effervescence” are meant to be cheeky, indeed. 😏

      My verses tend to be elusive and vague, yet the most perceptive readers, like you, unravel them beautifully! Your comment made me smile with pure joy – this is one of those rare moments when I feel understood.

      Although our literary styles are so different, I derive the greatest pleasure from reading your poetry, and it is incredible to know such an imaginative, authentic, free-spirited individual! I’m looking up to your vividly creative genius. 🥰

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      1. Veronica… now you have me smiling. Truly. You’ve just brought me so much joy. I feel so so grateful to you. Again. :)) Thank you, dear poetic friend!!

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  3. Veronica, this beautiful poem is in a whole other league from the elementary school acrostics at Mothers Day presentations! Thank you for making me aware that the format can be used by serious poets. All the best! Cheryl

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    1. Dear Cheryl, thank you ever so much for appreciating my poem! I was inspired by the literary masterpieces of Edgar Allan Poe and John Keats – they wrote dazzling acrostics. However, the thematic range of this poetic form is somewhat narrow (either romanticism or satire), so I decided to broaden it a little by praising my beloved audience.

      With gratitude,


  4. Hii!! I just got thru this poem of urs and trust me after reading this I became speechless. I am the newly added reader of urs perhaps and this is the first poem of urs which I am reading. You are truly just amazing with words. I hope I could get a chance to read more poems of yours.😊

    From INDIA!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate your feedback and hope that you will enjoy the rest of my poems, too!

      With love,
      From Russia!♥️


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