Welcome to The Waves of Poetry!

Dear Reader,

This website is not only a portfolio of an aspiring poetess but also a clandestine sanctuary for the literary minds.

I hope that my passion for poetry and photography will resonate with your soul. Currently, I am also working on a new section: film and literary criticism.

Thank you for joining me on a journey through the multitudinous seas of literature!

13 thoughts on “Welcome to The Waves of Poetry!

  1. Dear Veronica. I would be honoured if you would consider contributing a guest post to my blog kmorrispoet.com. The post/article could include what caused you to start writing your poetry/short stories, talking about your photography and why you started your blog. If you are interested in guest posting please feel free to email me at the address which shows when I comment. Very best wishes, Kevin

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    1. Dear Kevin, writing a guest post for your amazing blog would be a great honour! Thank you for being so kind to me. I am going to contact you by e-mail as soon as my post is ready! All the best, Veronica.

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      1. Dear Veronica,

        I am so pleased that you will be submitting a guest post, and I look forward to receiving it when you have had an opportunity to write it.

        All the best, Kevin

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